Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm going though old photographs.  Making space on my hard drive, trying to decide if I even need to keep most of these photographs. 
and it leaves me wondering why I take pictures.  Most of them aren't spectacular.  A handful are to remember times.  Birthdays, Christmas, family trips, shows I've been to...but other than a few to remember...why bother??
To get better?
Am I photographer?  An artist?
I think I am.  If only because I enjoy the act of a camera in front of my face.  The anticipation. The joy. Of getting that ONE great shot, out of 100 taken.
I'm an amateur.  I don't take photos for money, or even to show.  I do it because I enjoy the moment of seeing.

I enjoy the moment of seeing.

Enjoy the moment.

Lets see if I can transcend the camera and enjoy the moment.

Along the way I'll make a record of my seeings.  This is what this Blog is about. 
A record of my seeings. 

Thanks for seeing with me.